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Buy Flannel Pajamas for Kids –

Kids Flannel Pajamas

Did you know that it is actually illegal to sell or buy 100% cotton flannel pajamas for kids that are not flame resistant? According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), loose fitting sleepwear for children such as kids flannel pajamas must be flame resistant in order to be sold in the US. This means that the traditional cotton material used to make this popular type of sleepwear for adults is not safe for people under the age of 14. Because of this there is no way you could buy kids flannel pajamas that are not flame resistant anywhere within the US. You can however find fabulous alternatives to flannel pajamas for kids with the same prints, designs and feel, which means your children will never know the difference between their flame resistant alternative to flannel pajamas for kids and the ones that Mom and Dad wear to bed.

We carry a huge selection of plaid prints that look and actually feel just like mom or dad’s; however the materials are safe for your little ones and will be just as soft and warm as real flannel pajamas for kids would be. You can find matching family pajamas (please link to your matching family pajamas page) sets that have the same patterns you would hope to find on actual kids flannel pajamas and you can even find the fun non plaid designs that almost all kids will love. No one will ever know the difference between your real and your alternative option of kids flannel pajamas and you can rest easy knowing that the faux flannel pajamas for kids meet all Government safety and fire resistant standards while keeping your children comfortable, cozy and warm at night.

Coat-Style Pajamas for Boys
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Kids flannel pajamas come in a ton of shapes and styles. Boys like to mimic and look like dad which is why we carry fun dark green, blue or even red and blue plaid patterns on a regular basis. Little girls want to look like mom so we try to always have pink and light blue plaid patterns in stock that look just like the plaid pjs for adults; but are safe for kids. One other option you have that looks and can feel just like these types of pjs are our coat styled pjs.

The coat styled sleepwear can come in plaid patterns and look exactly like real flannel pajamas for kids. We carry a huge selection which you can find above and if you want them for the holidays, we have pairs that have snowmen and even Santa Claus in styles like Footed Pajamas for boys. If you are shopping for your daughter, we have adorable styles in nightgowns, two pieces and even some that look like ball gowns with ruffles and designer styles. Even though you cannot buy flannel pajamas for kids, you can find great alternatives by looking through our site or shopping through the images and categories above.