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Check Out Our Warm Footed Pajamas for Adults and Kids!

Do you have a little Elmo fan at home? We just love Elmo and all of his Sesame Street friends. Who can resist this fun red, furry monster and his infectious giggle? We carry Elmo pajamas for boys and girls in infant and toddler sizes. We also carry toddler-sized red Elmo slippers each fall.

Buying Elmo Pajamas for Children

Ah, Elmo. Who doesn’t know about the furry, energetic, and lovable Muppet from the all-time classic TV show for children, Sesame Street? With his high-pitched voice, giggles, and irrepressible charm, Elmo has become a hit with children all over the world. Now, you can give a child his or her very own set of Elmo pajamas, guaranteed to put a smile on their face and brighten up their day whenever they’re worn! No child can resist a pair of these pajamas, with Elmo’s smiling red face prominently featured. Plus, the extreme comfort of the material will give your kid yet another reason to laugh and smile as he or she plays in their new pajamas.

Only the best will do for a child, and that applies to our pajamas, too. Our Elmo pjs are made from flame resistant polyester and cotton that is comfortable enough for sleeping, but also sturdy enough for playing. With us, you also have a wide variety of pajama sets to choose from, including cute shirt and shorts combination sets and two-piece thermal pajamas for toddlers. You can even buy an adorable pair of Elmo slippers for toddlers for just $11.50. The other sets are priced extremely well, too, ranging from $9.99 to $19.99.

If you’re looking for a set of pjs for your little one to wear to bed, choosing Elmo pajamas is never a bad choice. In fact, when you see the smiles break out when you show them the pajamas you bought for them, you’ll definitely know you made the right choice.