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Easter Slippers and Pajamas

Easter holidays are a time of religious observation and also a time of celebration and fun. Traditions such as the Easter Bunny, Easter egg dying, and hiding Easter eggs and chocolate candies are fun for both children and adults. Rather than buying a huge basket of with green plastic fake grass piled mountain high with candy, try instead gifting Easter Pajamas, Easter Bathrobes, or Easter Slippers. Just like how both children and adults enjoy wearing Christmas pajamas on Christmas morning to open up their presents, the same trend is now growing with Easter morning. Now adults and children are wearing Easter slippers and Easter pajamas on Easter morning, while looking for hidden Easter eggs and discovering other chocolate goodies that hidden by the Easter Bunny.

An example of Easter pajamas for women would be pink coat-style pajamas. These pajamas are two-piece, with a top that buttons up the front, and have a traditional style. Other options for womens include pink velour pajamas, 100% cotton novelty pajamas with catchy phrases, pink footed pajamas, or nice pink polka-dotted pajamas. Women also enjoy wearing a new pair pajama pants on Easter morning. Kids Easter pajamas are also growing in popularity. Boutique brand Laura Dare sells stylish Easter pajamas for girls. Kids Easter pajamas can be either two-piece sets or onesie-style footed pajamas.

Easter Bathrobes and Easter Nightgowns

Women's Easter bathrobes can be pink in color to match pink Easter pajamas, but white or purple Easter bathrobes also make a great Easter bathrobe gift. Similar to women's and girls Easter pajamas, women's girls Easter bathrobes come in a variety of prints such as stars, peace signs, hearts, leopard spots, and flowers. Easter nightgowns or Easter nightshirts are a great gift option. Lazy One brand makes a variety of Easter nightshirts that have humorous catchy phrases printed on them. Men's Easter bathrobes are usually more traditional in style, with either a sold color or a classic plaid pattern. Men's Easter bathrobes can be made of fleece fabric, such as those sold by Chaps brand, flannel fabric like those sold by Acura brand, and a plush 100% terry cloth fabric like those sold by Kaufman Group brand. Girls Easter bathrobes come in variety of colors and prints, with pink, purple, and red being popular for girls Easter bathrobes. Girls enjoy the Sweet and Sassy brand bathrobes, which have prints such as hearts, zebra stripes, peace signs, panda bears, cupcakes, and flowers. Bunz Kids brand makes a pajama with matching bathrobe set that are great for girls or boys Easter bathrobes. Boys Eastern bathrobes are similar to mens Easter bathrobes with solid colors of red, green, blue being prominent and classic plaid patterns are also prominent.

Easter Slippers

The white bunny slipper is the best seller for women's Easter slippers, year after year. Other Easter slippers are Aerosole brand slip-on or clog style slippers with either a solid or classic print. Popular men's Easter slippers are those that match men's Easter pajamas with solid colors and plaids. These type of men's Easter slippers are made by Perry Ellis and Izod brands. Children's Easter slippers are usually a plush animal type slipper, such as pandas, bears, penguins, frogs, and other cute animals.

Easter is a time of religious reflection but also a time celebration. Chocolate Easter bunnies, egg dying, and Easter gift baskets are now a part of the Easter tradition. Easter pajamas, Easter bathrobes, and Easter slippers as holiday gifts are now a growing part of the Easter tradition as well. Just as many families enjoy opening Christmas presents on Christmas morning while wearing Christmas pajamas, the same holds true now with Easter. Families enjoy looking for Easter eggs and finding an Easter basket full of chocolate while wearing their new Easter pajamas.