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Drop Seat Pajamas Buyer's Guide

I would like some kind of drop seat pajamas? What are my options?

1) We carry drop seat pajamas by Big Feet PJs. They are footed pajamas and are available in men's and women's sizes. There are three fabric options available -- cotton jersey knit, flannel, and fleece. The drop seat secures with Velcro. It is a whole flap the drops down.

2) Another option are our union suits. Union suits are technically long underwear, but many people wear them as pjs. They do not have attached feet. The seat is split and closes with buttons. (It is not a flap like on the pajamas.) We carry union suits in thermal and flannel fabrics.

Do you sell drop seat pajamas for kids?

Unfortunately, no. We do not carry children's drop seat pajamas at this time. We would love to carry them. If we ever find a good supplier, we will add them to our catalog.