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Drop Seat Pajamas

Looking for fun jammies with a "trap door"? What to stay warm and snug at night, but need a fast way to make late night potty breaks? Browse through our selection of drop seat footed pajamas by Big Feet PJs. These fun drop seat pajamas are available in men's and women's sizes. The drop seat secures with Velcro. Choose from jersey knit, flannel and fleece fabrics. Flannel and fleece are warm fabrics that are appropriate for cooler climates and winter weather. Jersey knit can be worn throughout the year or in warmer locations. See our Drop Seat Pajamas Buyer's Guide.

Drop Seat Pajamas on Sale

Need something warm and snug to keep you comfortable no matter how cold it gets? Want something that will lull you to sleep in peace and comfort? Want to wear a fun yet practical outfit to bed and sleep the night away without a care in the world? If so, take a look at our exemplary line of drop seat pajamas for men and women. Available in a variety of fabrics, these pajamas are as fun to wear as they are comfortable! Our fabrics allow you to suit your wardrobe no matter what climate you may be in, and all pajamas are made by Big Feet PJs, a leading brand in the field.

Drop seat pajamas are one-piece pajama suits that cover you from your neck down to your toes – which are covered up by attached feet at the bottom. The attached feet have a non-skid finish on the bottoms of the soles of the feet. The drop seat in the rear is attached conveniently with Velcro. As mentioned, you can choose from a variety of fabrics – such as jersey knit, flannel, and fleece. You will want to wear flannel and fleece for colder climates, while jersey knit is perfect for summertime or warmer climates. The assorted styles are perfect for men and women alike, including solid colors, traditional plaid for men, camo, and softer colors for women. For just $39.99, these pajamas are also a steal.

Don’t be left out in the cold; buy your pair of drop seat pajamas today and keep the cold at bay as you snuggle down for a night of peaceful, comfortable rest. Not sure what size to order? Consult our special size chart for Big Feet PJs for help. always offers fast shipping throughout the U.S. Express shipping is available for additional fee just in case this is a “pajama emergency”.