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These fun footed pajamas are as soft as your favorite t-shirt.

Cotton Footed Pajamas

Youíre never too old to wear pajamas with feet! Hey, itís cold outside so dress for the indoors in sheer comfort with adult cotton footed pajamas. Little kids wear them and love Ďem. So why not you? It will be a special moment you can share together, or just wear them because you love cotton footie pajamas. These cotton footed pajamas are meant for women and men, so Crazy for Bargains has pink, turquoise, red or navy in jersey knit fabric that is very soft and comfortable.

Imagine what it would feel like to run around the house in pajamas, just like we used to do as kids? You eat kidís cereal sometimes, and no matter what age itís never time to grow up. Of course, youíre still going to need your own style. With the diverse selection of cotton footed pajamas at Crazy for Bargains, you can get just the style you love at a price you can afford! Browse though a great catalog of adult cotton footed pajamas that feel like wearing a favorite tee. Some of the great features of the adult sized pajamas are the non-skid soles, drop seat that secures with Velcro for easy relief; button-up front and of course the wonderful feeling of 100% cotton. Cotton footie pajamas fit well and will make you feel wrapped up in warmth even more than a favorite down blanket.

If these adult cotton footed pajamas sound like fun to wear, itís because they are! We offer sizes from the extra small for youths to the extra large for the big kid at heart. Before you know it, your cozy cotton footie pajamas will arrive and will be waiting every time you get ready for bed. Isnít about time you had some fun? Order these adult cotton footed pajamas from Crazy for Bargains today!