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Whether you want plaid, printed, striped or woven, we have the perfect pair of cotton pajamas for men that heíll never want to take off. Made from some of the softest and most loved material on the planet, our selection of cotton pajamas for men is hand selected for style, comfort and coziness. During the summer, or for those who like to stay cool year round, we carry lightweight cotton pajamas for men. We also have heavier styles for the winter, when he wants to snuggle with his blanket, his partner, or just to stay warm. No matter what you need, we carry a great selection of colors, prints and patterns for menís cotton pajamas. If you donít see the style or color you want below, call us at the number above and we can let you know what menís pajamas are in stock, or may be on their way to our warehouse since we always have new product coming in.

Menís cotton pajamas

Menís cotton pajamas are some of the most comfy around. Unlike some other materials that can be itchy such as wool, these smooth, soft, light pjs are perfect for wearing at night, lounging around the house and even just wearing on the weekends while watching the game. Some styles are fabulously fashionable like our Hanes brand menís cotton pajamas sets. These come with popular color patterns and prints on the pants, along with a comfortable matching t-shirt to make sure everything looks great. If youíre worried about what sizes to buy, click on the link next to the size menu and youíll find a sizing chart for that specific style of menís cotton pajamas. The size chart will help guide you to find the right fit. All you will need to do is pick the patterns and colors that you or he will love. Shopping for menís cotton pajamas has never been easier, and with our low prices, you wonít need to break the bank when you need to buy multiple sets and styles so that heíll never get tired of them. We also offer flat rate or free shipping depending on your total, so check and see if you can save by adding an extra pair of pjs or even finding matching menís slippers (please link menís slippers to If he has trouble sleeping at night because his favorite pjs arenít comfortable, are too hot or donít keep him warm enough, try buying him a pair of cotton pajamas for men. You may see an almost instant difference that proper fitting, insulating and super comfy pjs can make to help him get a good nightís sleep.