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The Story Behind Our Assorted Clearance Sleepwear

A few times a year we try to really clean out our warehouse. We end of finding a lot of odds and ends. We put these odds and ends into what we call our assorted bins and list them for sale at rock bottom prices. We break them up into basic categories such as men’s pajama pants, women’s pajamas, boy’s bath robes, girl’s footed pajamas, etc.

Where do these odds and ends come from? There may have been a few odd pieces of a print or style that came from the manufacturer. Due to our photography costs it may not be worth it for us to take a photograph of a style that we only have a few pieces of. Sometimes we find a few pieces of an old style that is no longer listed on our website. These often end up in our assorted bins. Everything is first quality.

How do these assorted bins work? They are just like an online grab bag. We cannot guarantee the color, print, etc. But… take our word for it. There are hidden treasures in these bins.

Why would anyone want to buy something without knowing exactly what they will receive? That is simple. The prices are rock bottom. We are just looking to clear out old inventory, so we often sell these items at or below our cost.

Over the years we have heard from many customers about what they did (or plan to do) with the assorted clearance items that they purchase from us. Here are a few of our favorites:

• A physician who treats cancer patients purchases assorted pajama pants for her patients to wear while undergoing treatment.

• High schools purchase assorted boxer shorts for men to user for "boxer bingo" for proms. What in the world is boxer bingo? It is a game played at proms and dances where the winner receives a pair of novelty boxer shorts.

• Many schools and church groups have purchased assorted kids pajamas and bath robes to use as costumes in school plays and Christmas pageants.

• Pajama pants are popular party favors at Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs. Parents will often clean out our supplies of assorted men’s and women’s pajama pants. They then take them to a screen printer in their area to have their child’s name and event date printed on them. (This is a great option for getting printed party favors if your budget is tight.)

• A local theater group purchased a bunch of assorted pajamas for costumes in their production of The Pajama Game.

• But here is my favorite story of what a woman recently did with our assorted pajamas. She purchased a few pairs of assorted women’s pajamas for $8.99 each. She was going to have a tummy tuck and wanted to bring a few pairs of “real” pajamas to the hospital with her. She figured that she would get a few pair of inexpensive pajamas so if they got ruined in the hospital, we wouldn’t really care. Well… it turns out she loved her new pjs. She couldn’t believe that we sold her such great pjs for such a low price. She took them to the hospital, looked great after her surgery, and was as happy as can be afterward. (So if I ever lose 30 pounds and get brave enough to get the tummy tuck, I might do the same thing! Then again, I am a chicken, so I may never get brave enough.)

Do you have a funny story about how you used our assorted pajamas? If so, please post it on our Facebook page. We love hearing from you.


Melissa Canepa Murphy

Owner aka the head pajamalady