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Shop by Character Pajamas for Women

Looking for a plush bath robe? Consider a bath robe featuring a fun character such as Betty Boop, Hello Kitty, or Disney. We also have coordinating slippers for our Betty Boop bath robes. These styles make wonderful gifts.

Hello Kitty Sleepwear
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Katnap Brand Novelty Footed Pajamas for Women
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Cartoon Pajamas for Women

At, we’re proud to offer you a large assortment of delightful women’s character pajamas and sleepwear. Our generous offerings are categorized by design, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. We offer everything from footed pajamas to slippers, to robes, and much more! No matter what your night time style is, we have the pajamas and sleepwear you want the most.

Whether you’re looking for classic cartoon style pajamas or fun plush slippers, we have designs from your favorite shows and movies. Browse around and take a look at our extensive collection of pajamas from shows like I Love Lucy, Hello Kitty, and Disney.

If you’re looking for accessories to go with your pajamas, we have plenty of robes and slippers in coordinating themes. Choose from 10 different styles of plush slippers featuring various types of dogs, or robes that coordinate with your character pajama sets. Both our robes and slippers are plush, luxurious, and warm. You’ll love our pajama accessories so much, you’ll want to wear them everywhere you go!

Our character pajamas for women are a fun way to express your lighter side each and every night. Our soft, high quality pajamas will put a smile on your face while keeping you warm and comfortable. There’s nothing quite like a great pair of pajamas. You deserve to treat yourself after a long day, and there’s no better way to do that than to slip into a pair of delightful character pajamas.

Flora's Follies
Flora's Follies brand nightgowns and pajamas for women include beautiful florals, patterns, and stripes. This pretty sleepwear includes 100% cotton chemise-style nightgowns and Capri-length pajamas. These womens pajamas are a misses cut.

Of the Moment
Of the Moment brand sleepwear includes pajamas and bathrobes for women. This items are all made of soft, plush fabric. This fabric is perfect for keeping you warm and snug on cold winter nights. This plush material is 100% polyester. Our favorite Of the Moment items include fun hooded pajamas.

Katnap Footed Pajamas
Want to feel like a kid again? Slip into a warm pair of these footed pajamas for women. They come in bright, novelty prints and have animal on the top of the attached feet. These fleece pajamas are meant for chilly weather. They zip up the front just like the footed pjs you had as a kid.

Big Feet Pajama Company Footed Pjs
These are a staff favorite! Big Feet Pajama Company makes footed jammies for any climate or time of the year. Flannel and fleece will keep you warm and snug. Cooler jersey knits make it possible to wear footed pjs in warm climates like our home state of Arizona or well into the spring in more temperate parts of the country.