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Children’s Slippers Information and Buyer’s Guide

Common Questions about Children’s Slippers

What Size Should I Buy?

Children’s slipper sizes correspond to children’s shoe sizes. You will need to know the child’s shoe size before making a selection. Slippers sizes do not correspond to ages or clothing sizes.

Children’s shoe sizes are in two categories—toddler sizes and youth sizes. Toddler sizes start at a 1 (very small size, most children’s cannot walk at this age) and go up to a size 13. Youth sizes start at a 1 and go up to a 6. A six-year-old would be approximately a youth size one. (This can vary from child to child. Please try and have the correct shoe size before ordering.)

You can estimate the best size for your child with the following chart:

What Size Will the One Size Fits All Toddler Slippers Fit?

The fuzzy slippers for toddler that come in “one size fits all” are meant to fit children with toddler sizes 10 through 12.

What Size Will the $18.99 Slippers for Men, Women, and Children?

The size small in these styles will fit a child who wears a youth size 2 through 6.

I am Still Confused About Sizing. Can You Help Me?

If you have any questions about sizing, feel free to email us or call us at 877-576-5256 for help in choosing the best size for your child.

I Have a Two-Year-Old. What is the Best Kind of Slipper to Buy for Him/Her?

We recommend sock-top slippers or slippers with an ankle straps for young toddlers. These are the best choices for young children.

Do You Still Have Questions About Children's Slippers?

Watch our brief video about selecting the right style of kids slippers for your child.

Watch our brief video about selection the correct size slipper for your child.