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Children’s Bath Robe Information and Buyer’s Guide

Kids Robes carries a wide selection of children’s bath robes for boys, girls and toddlers. Our styles include solids, novelty prints as well as pajama and robe sets by Bunz Kids.

Common Questions About Children’s Bath Robes

Do You Sell 100% Cotton Bath Robes for Children?

No. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission children’s sleepwear can be either flame resistant or snug fitting. Bath robes are loose fitting. Cotton is not naturally flame resistant. Therefore, children’s bath robes are generally made of polyester, which is flame resistant.

There are some cotton fabrics that have been specially treated and manufactured to be flame resistant. Children’s sleepwear made from these special cottons is generally quite expensive. We do not carry any kids robes made of this specially treated cotton.

I Need a Large Quantity of Girl’s Bath Robes for a Spa Party. Can You Help Me?

Yes. The best thing to do in these cases is call us at 877-576-5256 during our normal business hours, which are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST Monday through Friday. One of our sleepwear specialists would be happy to put a nice selection of bath robes together for you. You may need to combine colors and styles to come up with a large number of bath robes for a party.

Do You Sell Bath Robes for Toddlers?

We do sell toddler-sized bath robes. We currently stock plush and hooded bath robes in toddler sizes. Toddler robes are difficult to find, even on the wholesale level. Everything that we have in stock is listed on the site.

Learn More About Selecting a Kids Bath Robe By Watching Our Brief Video