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Bunny Slippers Buyers Guide

Bunny slippers are one of our most beloved and highly sought after products. But which style is right for you?

Our Fuzzy Bunny Slippers slip on slipper. They are soft, fuzzy and cuddly. They are one-size-fits-most for women. They will fit anything between a U.S. womenís shoe size six through ten. (Yes. We have tested this. One of our staff members wears a size ten and they fit her.) This makes them great gifts as you donít need to know the exact shoe size of the recipient.

Our Bunny Slippers for Kids, Women, and Men (style #79102) come in three sizesósmall (best for children and women with small feet), medium (for most women), and large (for most men). More detailed sizing information is as follows:

Small: Children in youth sizes (not toddlers) and women up to a size 6 Medium: Women in U.S. shoe sizes 6 Ĺ to 10 Large: Men in U.S. shoe sizes 9 to 11 (The manufacturer lists the size large as only going up to a menís size 11. We have tested these and found that they can fit up to a menís size 14.)

These are full foot slippers, meaning that they cover the entire foot.

Our $9.99 bunny slippers (style #70061, 70062, and 70064) come in brown, dark brown, gray, blue and pink. (Pink and blue are only available in limited sizes and quantities.) These are womenís slippers. The small is very smallóa U.S. womenís size 4-5. The small can be great for children who wear youth size shoes.