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These mens plaid pajamas are made from a mixture of cloth and synthetic fibers creating a wrinkle resistant, smooth feel against the skin that also keeps your body temperature perfect at night while sleeping. These are button up pajamas, exactly what you would expect in these tried and true traditional pajamas. Remember when everyone wore button up jeans? These pajamas give you the same feel as you button up the top. They just feel right.

Button Up Pajamas

It's amazing what becomes "retro" aka "cool" these days. Who would ever have thought that a television series about 1960s advertising reps would become a success, running season after season. I think sometimes this generation looks back on an earlier generation because they feel like they missed out on something. If you have not tried our mens plaid pajamas, then you have definitely missed out on something. Some call our mens sleepwear traditional, but others might call it retro. We call them comfortable, practical, and easy to sleep in and nice to wear around the house.

Mens Plaid Pajamas

These mens button up pajamas come in a wide variety of prints and patterns. Our mens sleepwear also comes in a wide selection in both long sleeve and long leg and short sleeve and short bottoms. The top and bottoms match. Most of the tops have a front pocket which comes in quite handy. Not all prints are mens plaid pajamas. There are stripes, checks, and other prints as well. What you will not find is tie dye, peace signs, marijuana leafs, as prints. True these were all part of the 1960s, just like paisley was part of that generation, but that is not what this mens sleepwear is all about. These button up pajamas are all about being comfortable and practical, kind of like those button front jeans we use to buy at a reasonable price and wear, back in the day.

There is a reason why youngster like to "go old school" every now and then. Because sometimes an earlier generation had a better idea of how to make something. Sometimes traditional ways are the best ways. Our mens plaid pajamas are traditional with tried and true designs. Our mens sleepwear have a nice compact and smooth cloth texture. Our button up pajamas have a mix of cotton and synthetics that allow you to pull these out of the clothes dryer and wear them with little to no wrinkles. Our mens plaid pajamas have a cloth thickness that maintains just the right body temperature at night while sleeping. This mens sleepwear has a design that is loose fitting and allows for unrestricted movement with maximum comfort. Wearing our mens plaid pajamas might be called going old school but young men are finding that its new school for them. For you young hipsters you might want to call these threads retro. The rest of us just call them pajamas.

Mens Sleepwear

We are constantly updating our selection and inventory. As some prints get sold out, the few that remain are put on sale. Please check regularly at our website to see our new arrivals and any bargain priced mens sleepwear. When you buy our button up pajamas and mens plaid pajamas, shipping is free inside the USA for orders of $40 or more. Just like some ladies buy underwear for each day of the week, you can buy a different pair of button up pajamas for each day of the week.

Remember when they tried new cola recipe back in the mid-1980s? It was a disaster. After a world wide back lash against new recipe, the company soon went back to the classic recipe. Yes, life is all about change. Life is also about tradition. Sometimes it has taken generations to figure out the best way to make something. You can try to improve it, change it, and sometimes you will change it for the better but often it may be for the worst.

Buy a pair of our mens plaid pajamas that have been tested and proved by generations. If you are young, you can tell your friends that it is retro. If you are everyone else, you can tell them that they are darn comfortable pajamas.