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Boy's Pajamas

Your little guy is probably one of the hardest to shop for when you need to buy pajamas for boys. He either likes the material but hates the print, loves the print but thinks the fabric is itchy, thatís why we hand select every product and only feature the coolest styles with the most comfy materials when we choose which boys pajamas to sell. Whether he likes sports or dinosaurs, space or superheroes, we have the perfect boys pajamas for any age or size. Search through our 100ís of styles and find the perfect pair that will keep him happy and help make bed time easier when he has his new favorite PJs to wear.

Short Sleeved Cotton Pajamas
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Long Sleeved Cotton Pajamas
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Boy's Novelty Print Pajamas
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Boy's Footed Pajamas
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Batman Pajamas for Boys
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Boy's Pajama Pants
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Lazy One Cotton Pajamas for Toddlers and Boys
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Boy's Pajamas on Sale
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Christmas Pajamas for Boys
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How to Buy Boys Pajamas

When you buy boys pajamas you need to think about what he likes and how to tie it into bed time. By making bed time fun with a print that matches what his hobbies are, you can make getting ready for bed something that is fun instead of something you fight over every night. If he likes superheroes then you can buy superhero pajamas that feature capes or even logos and sayings and let him wear himself out by pretending to be his favorite hero before bed. If itís animals like dinosaurs, let him wear his favorite creatures and then read him his favorite book about them while he goes to bed. If he likes sports, buy him a print that features the ball or even the sports teamís logo so he can dream about the big game. By knowing what he likes and buying boys pajamas that feature these things can help to make bed time easier for everyone.

Sleepwear for boys

It can be tricky to buy sleepwear for boys. We do have a few things that can help, besides the information above. One thing that many parents like to do are to buy a matching styles of faux flannel pajamas for boys. Because real flannel pajamas are not flame retardant, they cannot be sold in the US. Thatís why we have an entire selection of faux kids flannel pajamas that match the ones that mom or dad would wear. By having a matching pair for your little one, he can pretend like heís dad and the two of them can have bonding time in their matching pjs. By having a similar pair, not only will he be able to mimic his father, but when he sees dad getting ready for bed, heíll know itís also time to go to sleep and it may be easier to get him to change and go to sleep. Itís amazing how kids like to mimic their parents when they are younger and by buying sleepwear for boys that matches what dad wears to bed, you may be able to make bed time easier for him. Because the pajamas match his dadís, you may also be able to help him get over a fear of the dark by letting him know that he shouldnít be afraid, just like dad isnít afraid either.

Whether it is a fun novelty print like sports or superheroes, or just a grown up style like Dad, boys pajamas come in a ton of styles. When you find a print that heíll love and then tie it into bedtime to make it more fun, life becomes easier for you when you donít have to fight him to get ready to go to bed. Youíll find lots of styles of pajamas for boys at affordable prices when you shop at CrazyforBargains and by helping to find a pair heíll love, you can help to make bed time easier for everyone.