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Boy's Underwear

Boy's Boxer Shorts & Underwear
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Boy's Body Suits
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Boys Boxer Shorts, Thermal Sets, and Body Suits

Boy’s underwear comes in all shapes and styles. Determining what to buy will depend on where and when the under garments will be worn. Boy’s boxer shorts and traditional underwear is for toddler to teens and is intended for everyday use, such as going to school or playing outside in moderate climates. Younger boys enjoy popular cartoon characters or super hero brand underwear or boxer shorts. Older boys like sports themes, camouflage or solid prints. During cooler weather or especially during the winter months thermal underwear is popular among all ages of boys. Thermal underwear normally does not have cartoon characters, super heroes or other novelty prints. Thermal underwear will have traditional solid prints and colors. Thermal underwear normally are two pieces, with a long sleeved top and thermal pant bottoms.

Another cooler weather option are boys’ size union suits. Union suits are one piece with long sleeves and long legs. Many of the union suit styles will have a drop seat at the back that secures with buttons and Velcro. This comes in handy for those late night visits to the restroom. Union suits can have novelty fun prints or traditional solid color type prints.

For those little tykes that are still in diapers body suits make the most sense for boy’s underwear. Almost all body suits open at the bottom between the legs and the opening can be secured closed with easy to use snaps. This allows for diapers to be changed quickly without the need to undress. Body suits often come in cartoon, novelty or colorful styles. Many body suits are made with fabric that is combed cotton which allows for breath-ability and comfort.