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Footed Pajamas for Baby Boys

Keep his little feet warm all night with a soft pair of footed sleeper pajamas. Our favorite baby boy sleepers include Buzz Lightyear, Spongebob, Cars and novelty prints by Little Me, St.Eve and H.W. Carters & Son Watch the Wear. Our footed sleepers for baby boys are made of flame resistant polyester fabric.

Footed Pajamas for Baby Boys

Footed pajamas (also called blanket sleepers) are perfect for babies. You wonít have to worry about him kicking off his blanket and getting cold at night if he wears footed pjs. All of our blanket sleepers for babies size twelve months and larger are made of flame resistant polyester fabric. Most are warm fleece (expect where noted).

Moms love footed pajamas for babies as they make life easier. When you pick up your infant in one-piece pajamas, you donít have to worry about the top riding up. Everything stays warm and snug on your little one. Footed pjs are loose and have plenty of room for diapers. These pjs zip up the front and mid-way down the leg, which make changing diapers easier.

Babies love the way footed pajamas look and feel. They will keep him (and his little feet) nice and warm. He will love the bright colors and fun prints including cartoon characters such as Spongebob and Lightning McQueen.

Our son loved his solid red footed jammies when he was a baby. He hated taking them off in the morning. He could have spent the whole day toddling around in those footed pajamas. Time passes by too quickly. Now he is a big twelve-year-old. (He still loves one-piece and footed pajamas!) If only they could stay little forever.

Need more footed pajamas for kids for older brothers and sisters? We also carry a selection of footed jammies for toddlers as well as bigger kids.