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Boxer Shorts and Men's Underwear Buyer's Guide

What kind of fabric are your boxer shorts made out of?

Our boxer shorts are made of 100% cotton knit, unless noted otherwise in the product description. Cotton knit fabric is the same fabric used to make t-shirts. It is soft and lightweight.

Do you sell flannel boxer shorts?

Yes. We do carry some flannel boxer shorts on a seasonal basis. We generally have flannel boxers in stock from September through January.

I need to purchase a funny gift? Which boxers would be best?

Novelty and cartoon boxer shorts make a great gag gift. They are fun, inexpensive and practical all at the same time. What man canít use another pair of underwear?

Cartoon boxer shorts (such as Family Guy, Superman, and Batman) are popular for gift givers. Novelty prints by Fun Boxers are also a hit.

What are Magic Boxers?

We sell a selection of Magic Boxers. These boxers are compressed into a small 2x3 package. You need to soak them in water to restore them to their normal size. Magic boxers are 100% cotton and come in a variety of prints. Please note that the fly is sewn shut on Magic Boxers.

What about other underwear?

We carry a limited amount of more traditional packaged menís underwear such as briefs and boxer briefs by Hanes and other famous brands.