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Big Feet PJs Rose Fleece Footed Pajamas for Women

Item #: 38842


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Do you remember when you were a kid and the world was safe? The only thing you had to worry about was your favorite cartoon show being cancelled or the ice cream man not coming during the summer. You would wear your favorite pink footed pajamas and sleep well at night knowing your parents would be there if a monster was hiding under your bed or in your closet. Now you’re grown up, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort and security or even wearing fun sleepwear like your old favorite pair of pink footed pajamas.

When you buy pink footed pajamas for women or men, especially these fun fleece ones from Big Feet Pjs from us, you can relive the times when your parents would worry about bills and life and you would get to live care free. They can help to bring back your memories of being a kid again when blankets were invisible shields for monsters, your light bulb oven toy made real sized cakes and jumping on the bed was how you would have fun. To be honest, jumping on the bed is still fun and you can make it even more enjoyable when you wear your pink footed pajamas like you’re an actual kid again.

You may have to give up recess in the middle of the day and trade in play clothes for work clothes since you’re an adult now. That doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort and fun when you’re at home. That’s why so many people love their Big Feet Pjs pink footed pajamas for women. They’re comfortable, they feel like you’re wrapped in a warm and cozy fleece blanket and they’re fun to wear. Complete with skid resistant soles to help prevent slipping on wood or non-carpeted surfaces and a super comfy feeling of being fully wrapped in a fleece blanket, you won’t know how you survived without them.

No more cold floors in the winter, no more freezing tiles in the kitchen or the bathroom and no more having to get a robe to pick something up in the front yard. Your new pink footed pajamas for women will keep you covered, warm and cozy all year long. Once you try on your new pair made by Big Feet Pjs you’ll end up wanting to buy more for the entire family. Check out the reviews below and then buy your own new pair of pink footed pajamas for women and you’ll get to remember what it was like to be a kid again without any cares in the world.

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Fun Footie Pajamas for Adults!
• Soft polar fleece fabric
• 230 weight, anti-pill fabric
• Soft rose, pink color
• Buttons up the front
• Drop seat, secures with Velcro
• Non-skid soles
• See our size chart for sizing information

We carry matching footed pajamas for girls from Big Feet Footed Pajamas. Scroll down for a special chance to save on matching mother and daughter footed pajamas.