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Big Feet PJs Green Fleece Footed Pajamas for Women and Men

Item #: 38840


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When you think about green footed pajamas for adults, men and women, you probably think of the holiday season. The truth is that they are great for more than family photos and the winter. Think of them as a way to stay comfy during the spring when the grass goes back to green, the trees grow their leaves and the fresh spring air fills your lungs with warmth. In the summer you’ll love waking up feeling like you’re wrapped in a snugly fleece blanket and actually enjoy getting up fully rested. When the fall comes you’ll enjoy the color as it keeps you thinking of spring and summer while getting ready to blend in with the gorgeous autumn colors. Your green footed pajamas for men and women will keep you warm, comfortable and feeling like a kid year round while helping you to have a great night’s sleep. If you’re wondering why we say it could help you to have a full night’s sleep, there are a few reasons.

Green is on the cool side of the color spectrum and for many people can be a relaxing color. The soft feeling of these fleece onesies from Big Feet Pjs will help to keep you feeling warm and cozy while not overheating. Because they wrap your entire body from your shoulders to your feet, if you have a cover hog next to you, your onesies work like a fleece blanket to keep you comfy even when your blanket has been stolen. If these fabulous pjs can’t help you sleep at night, then there is probably nothing that will. Soo many of our customers that have bought these green footed pajamas for men and women have given them raving reviews and many have come back to buy them in other colors, or a second pair just in case they ever damage them.

These onesies from Big Feet Pjs make a great gift for anyone on their birthdays, the holidays or even as an office gift during the holidays. If you have trouble sleeping, you may want to try these fabulous footies as they can help to promote warmth and comfort. You can also send them to your kids at college or if they go to boarding school. Everyone loves these onesies and once they try them on, they’ll never want to take them off again.

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Fun Footie Pajamas for Adults! Just Like You Wore as a Kid
• Warm, cozy hunter green polar fleece fabric
• Anti-pill fleece fabric
• Buttons up the front
• Drop seat, secures with Velcro
• Non-skid soles
• See our size chart for sizing information