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Big Feet PJs Black Plaid Flannel Footed Pajamas for Men and Women

Item #: 36321


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One thing that our customers love about our fabulous black footed pajamas for men, women and children is that they are super comfortable and insanely fun to wear. Kids love to pretend to disappear when you turn the lights out and adults love that they can be more slimming that other colors which can feel like the cause your problem areas to show off more. The next thing that people love are that these fabulously, fun designs are also flannel pajamas.

Flannel is one of the most comfortable materials made for sleepwear. When you combine the comfort of flannel with the warmth and comforting feeling of these warm black footed pajamas from Big Feet Pjs, you end up with something that you値l never want to take off again. Everything from your feet to your shoulders will be wrapped in a material that feels like a blanket.

Blankets can easily fall off of you during the night leaving your feet, arms or even your legs cold. If your husband or wife is a cover hog, you could end up fighting just to get it back. By having these full body onesies on when you go to bed, you値l have the same material many sheets and blankets are made of wrapped around you so that the blanket wars can finally be over. You値l enjoy staying warm in your new pair of black footed pajamas from Big Feet Pjs and your partner will be able to hog the blankets all they want to since you値l be cuddly and comfy snuggled up in your new favorite onesies pjs.

There is nothing more comfortable and enjoyable than sleeping in your onesies. If you have never owned a pair, now is the time to buy these black flannel footed pajamas from Big Feet Pjs. They are warm, snuggly and one of the best selling products year round. They keep you warm in the winter, comfy in the summer and are fun to wear on vacation if you want something you can wake up and grab something from the fridge in, relax around the house or even enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Your feet will thank you from not having to walk across cold floors to get to the bathroom and your body will love you for the comfortable sleepwear you are wrapping it up in. Buy these black footed pajamas for men and women today and find out why so many adults love to wear them and many would like to never take them off.

• Big Feet PJs brand footed pajamas fit men and women
• Button up the front
• Plaid flannel fabric is black with just a hint of white
• Elastic at the ankles
• Non-skid soles on the feet
• Drop seat secures with Velcro
• See our size chart for more sizing information on our Big Feet PJs brand pajamas.