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Can a crime fighter wear a pink tutu and be taken seriously? This was the topic of debate just recently. The answer is yes. The tutu, adorable nightgown, or pretty pajamas will lull the brutish thugs into thinking that your little Batgirl is no threat at all. After all it is just a little girl. Ah-ha-ha! KABOOM! BANG! KERPOW! And that so called little girl just sucker punched that big bad brute, cuffed him, and loaded him into the paddy wagon for a one way trip to jail.

When your little crime fighter wears these adorable Batgirl pajamas or Batgirl girl nightgowns, she can be taken seriously as a crime fighter. Those that do not take her seriously…Watch out! Read the detailed product descriptions for more information about fabric type. Cotton fabric pajamas are designed to fit snugly, but it also has the benefit of giving your little crime fighter that sleek crime fighter look. The polyester bat fabrics allow for that dojo style loose fit for quick karate chops and kicks, when battling the forces of evil. The loose fit also allows for a relaxed fit for resting comfortably after the dust settles and your little one has retired to her Batgirl cave. Some of the Batgirl pajamas come with a cape. The cape is detachable, allowing for easy cleaning, and for your little girl to get away if the Minister of evil should succeed in grabbing the cape.

Batgirl nightgowns

The Batgirl nightgowns have a nice loose fit, allowing comfort and relaxation after a hard day of hard crime fighting play. All Batgirl pajamas and Batgirl nightgowns are machine washable, which is handy since crime fighting can get down the dirt at times. Order $40 or more of these cute Batgirl pajamas and shipping is free within the continental U.S.

Just because you are a serious crime fighter does not mean you need to dress in dark serious colors. Just like real Batgirls feel comfortable sporting a tutu, Batgirl also is a very young woman with modern chic color fashion. These Batgirl pajamas come in a wide variety of colors like pink, purple, or even your traditional black and yellow. The Batgirl nightgowns have a retro tie-dye urban Batgirl look to them. These pretty colors also have the added benefit of throwing the criminals off their game and lulling them into a false since of security. Then the next thing they know…..KERPOW!!

Parents do need to draw the line somewhere though. Yes, sometimes even Batgirl does not get everything she might demand. Just because you purchased these awesome Batgirl pajamas or Batgirl nightgown, does not mean you need to install a hanging rope between the kitchen and the living room. Some Batgirls have requested such a rope so that they can swing from the living room into their dining chair when called to supper by their parents. Remember, it is okay to say no. Simply buying these wonderful Batgirl pajamas should be reward enough for your little crime fighter. Check out the wide variety of Batgirl pajamas and Batgirl nightgowns that are offered. Buy some today, because even a crime fighter wearing a tutu can be taken seriously!