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Ours was the first generation to grown up in front of the television. The late 1960s and early 1970s saw the birth of iconic television shows that nurtured a whole generation while their parents were busy at work. One of these television shows was Batman. As a youngster, I thought it was the most exciting show to watch. It was not long before I had my own Batman plastic head-wear and blue super cape. Once I got older and started to watch the reruns in college I loved the show because it was just so campy. Corny acting and at times clownish dialog it was irresistible. You could tell that the show was filmed on a shoe string and that the actors had tongue in cheek as they over-acted their dramatic parts. The dialog that I thought so clever as a kid, I realized as an adult was intentionally corny and that the actors were poking fun at themselves.

Funny Batman boxer shorts for men

When you purchase our Batman boxer shorts you will not be campy, corny, or wacky. Our Batman pajamas for men are all about the newer modern Batman. Our Batman pajamas for men feel right at home on the dark streets of Gotham. Whether you are buying our Batman robes, Batman boxer shorts, Batman pajamas, or Batman slippers you will be cooler than cool, and a no nonsense sort of gent. We have a great selection of Batman boxer shorts. You can select a loose fitting for comfort boxer type short or a sleek fitting boxer brief for a man of action.

And in these modern times with modern criminals, the Joker is no longer a carefree joke-ster type of character. There is something dark and serious about today's Joker. Younger people somehow relate to today's modern Joker. You you look online at our Batman pajamas for men you will also see Joker robes and boxer shorts. But be warned, that our stock is always selling out and constantly being updated with new Batman items. So the Joker may be here today, but gone tomorrow. Kind of like the real Joker himself.

Batman pajamas for men

Speaking of great mastermind criminals, you will need to check out this real steal. If you buy $40 or more of our Batman pajamas for men the shipping is free within the continental United States. As the Boy Wonder might say, those are “Fabulous Fees” Batman! Modern houses now days have large walk-in type closets in the master bedrooms. Imagine yourself coming home from a long dreary day at work. Shedding your work clothes, and donning some cool looking Batman boxer shorts with soft wrap around Batman robe. Your walk-in closet has just become your private bat cave. The bat cave is where you transition from dreary work guy to a rested and relaxed dark knight, ready for a night of action. So see our selection of Batman sleepwear and make the transition from dreary drudge to super cool man of action.

Sizing Information for Men's Batman Pajamas:

• Size small is a 28 to 30 inch waist
• Size medium is a 32 to 34 inch waist
• Size large is a 36 to 38 inch waist
• Size extra large is a 40 to 42 inch waist