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Autism Friendly Pajamas

Buy Autism Pajamas for Kids and Teens

We are proud to offer a section full of hand selected, soft and friendly Autism pajamas for kids and teens on the Spectrum who may also have Sensory Disorders. Before you look our selection of sleepwear below, we’d like to share with you how and why we have hand selected each pair of Sensory Disorder and Autism friendly pajamas for kids and teens.

Agabang Organic Cotton Pajamas for Boys and Girls
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Lazy One Pajamas for Girls
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Feet Pajamas for Boys and Girls
5 styles
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Lazy One Cotton Pajamas for Toddlers and Boys
6 styles
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Why we chose these styles for Sensory Disorder and Autism friendly pajamas

For years we have had parents calling in and asking us for specific styles, items and other requests for their kids pjs. We also contacted a leading resource site to go over our selections and choices to see if we were on the right path when creating our Autism friendly pajamas section. With the parent’s comments in mind and what we learned from talking to our resource, we considered three major things when selecting the brands and styles of sleepwear for this section. Here is what we came up with for what makes our choices of Autism Pajamas friendly for people on the Spectrum and who may have Sensory Disorders. (We would like to note that every child and teenager is different so not all of these may be a good fit for your child’s specific needs. You should go with what has worked in the past and also read the descriptions to make sure your selection has a good chance of being effective.)

Materials – Some pajamas can be itchy or have patterns and ridges that rub against the skin causing discomfort. We made our selections for some of the brands based on softness and also the type of fabric used for children that have issues with touch or that can be tactile defensive. We carry a brand called Agabang which is extremely soft and made of organic cotton, so we feel these may be an excellent option for people with tactile Sensory Disorders. Some of our styles may have seams in them, however we did feel each pair to find the most soft ones that may help to reduce any potential discomfort.

Soothing colors – We understand from phone calls that kids who are visually sensitive can be distracted by intense or highly stimulating colors. Because of this we removed any styles that seemed to be too bright, have intense patterns and kept the ones that we think may be able to provide soothing and relaxing visual calmness to help promote a more restful sleep.

Footed Pajamas – Although the footed pajamas have tags on them, which isn’t as Sensory friendly; we have many parents with Autistic children who call us and let us know that these pjs work amazingly well for their kids. That is why we have included them in this section.

Now that you have read our selection process for finding Autism friendly pajamas for kids and teens, please look below and find a few pairs that you think may work well for your children. Although we are not Autism experts, we are proud to share with you what we feel may be good choices for you to try. The best bet for you is to go from past experiences with your children’s sleepwear and clothing, then read the descriptions and find a pair of our Autism friendly pajamas that may be best for their individual needs.

*CrazyforBargains is not licensed or an expert on Autism or Sensory Disorders. We are only providing recommendations based on phone calls from parents and from a trusted resource who reviewed our thoughts and ideas. To get accurate information, please consult a licensed professional who knows your child and can also help choose sleepwear that may be effective for your child’s specific needs.