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Animal Slippers by Animal

Welcome to the zoo! At least it seems like a zoo when you look at all the varieties of animal slippers that are available on this page. This page is all about letting you choose which slipper style you prefer for your favorite animal. Let’s say that you favorite animal is a bear. You would click on the bear slippers category and be able to choose from seven different styles of bear slippers.

These slippers are adult size slippers. The slippers are Unisex, and can be worn by either men or women (unless otherwise specified). If you go to the bear slippers category, and then go to grizzly bear paw slippers for men and women there will be two sizes to choose from, Medium and Large. The Medium will fit a U.S. women’s shoe size 7 to 9 while the Large will fit a U.S. men’s shoe size 9 to 12. It is not unusual for couples or spouses to purchase his and hers fuzzy grizzly bear, fuzzy black bear, or fuzzy polar bear slippers because of the Unisex size choices. (Who wouldn’t want to be Papa Bear and Mama Bear!)

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Different Types of Animal Slippers

Obviously there are a variety of slipper styles to choose from when selecting your animal slippers. The most obvious style choice is open-back versus closed-back style designs. Open-back are slip-on style of slippers. The benefit to open-back slippers is that you have a lot of leeway with sizing. The other benefit of open-back slippers is they are the easiest footwear to get into and out of without having to bend over and use your hands to get them on or off. Closed-back slippers have different benefits. Closed-back slippers, like a good shoe, will stay snug on your feet. Closed-back slippers are generally warmer and will keep your feet warm during the colder months of the year. Examples of both styles can be found if you navigate to the frog slippers section, you can choose a fuzzy green frog open-back slipper or you can choose a smooth plush close-back slipper.

Another slipper style are thong slippers. These are open-back slippers that resemble flip-flops in that they utilize thongs. If you navigate to the moose slippers for men and women section you will see some examples of animal thong slippers. These slippers are made by Lazy One. These Lazy One animal thong slippers are designed to match and coordinate with Lazy One pajama sets which also sells on its website. Thong slippers have all the benefits of slip-on slippers with an added benefit that they are a more secure on your feet and are less likely to slip off. The thong between the big toe and fourth toe keeps the slipper in place.

The most popular style of slipper are the ones that look like fuzzy animal feet. For example bear paw slippers, leopard paw slippers or tiger paw slippers.

All the slipper styles have cushioned bottoms making them easy on the feet, and non-skid type of soles. All the slippers are made with polyester fabric so that they can either be machine washed or surface cleaned with a damp cloth. All the slippers are designed for indoor use only.

For orders that are $40 or more there is free shipping inside the United States. You can order all your favorite animal slippers and receive the free shipping.