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Minnie Mouse Pink Long Sleeve Nightgown for Girls

Item #: 84336


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Minnie Mouse first appeared during our great grandparentsí generation on the silver screen, now little girls can watch her every week on the television screen. Minnie is more popular today than she was decades ago. That is why this Minnie Mouse pink nightgown is so popular with little girls. This nightgown has long sleeves and a giant print of Minnie Mouse on the front. The print is a picture of Minnie wearing a red dress with white polka dots, yellow shoes and her iconic red and white polka dotted hair bow. Minnie is batting her eye lashes and making a "lovey dovey" face. Minnie is surrounded by red doodle hearts, white sparkling glitter, and her signature appears also on the front print of the nightgown. The neckline and arm cuffs are trimmed in a dark pink knit fabric. The material is 100% polyester, machine washable and is flame resistant. This is a great nightgown for lounging and relaxing.