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Welcome to the CrazyForBargains Affiliate Program!

- 2006 Best Affiliate Program of the Year, - ShareASale Certified Premier Merchant

Crazy for Bargains Affiliate Section

Welcome to the Affiliate Section. CrazyForBargains has one of the oldest and most trusted pajamas, sleepwear and accessories Affiliate Programs online. With our program you’ll enjoy keeping your commissions from adware, trademark poaching as well as coupon theft while having the opportunity to promote a huge selection of in demand sleepwear at affordable prices. Our pajamas Affiliate Program, which you can find exclusively on Share A Sale is one of the best in the industry.

We offer:

12% base commissions (higher based on performance) 365 day cookies A full accurate and sized datafeed Custom widgets and creative Affiliate Management Parasite and theft resistance And More!

We are looking for:

Content sites Party sites Costume sites Cartoon character sites Clothing sites And anything else relevant. Bloggers Mommy bloggers Party bloggers Clothing and fashion bloggers And any other relevant sites. PPC Affiliates SEO Affiliates Article and content partners Social media partners And more!

Click here to join the CrazyForBargains pajamas Affiliate Program.

Terms and Conditions

The CrazyForBargains program is designed to be Affiliate friendly and reward the partners who will add value to our store. The following are terms and conditions that you will agree to in order to be accepted into our Affiliate Program.

PPC – We encourage you to bid on PPC terms, but you must add, crazyforbargains and crazy for bargains to your negative lists. You may also not bid on any trademark, variation or extension of our trademarks.

Coupon sites – We are happy to work with coupon sites and enjoy our relationship with numerous ones. We do require that coupon sites add “no index” tags to any page dedicated to us so the pages do not rank for our trademarks + coupons. They may also not hide or make a user click to reveal a coupon or deal.

Adware – Regardless of what form it is in, it is not allowed. No toolbars, PPV, CPV, BHOs, shopping windows, interruptive, insertions into text, layovers, pop ups, pop unders, couponware, reminderware, loyaltyware and anything else whether it is inactive or active. If found you will be removed and all commissions reversed.

Review sites, Social Media Affiliates and Bloggers – All of these types of marketing require that you disclose your relationship with CrazyForBargains. You can create a blog policy at and it must say you will be compensated for any sales that come through your links and reviews or recommendations. Social Media Affiliates must also disclose their relationship whenever they use an Affiliate Link on a social media site like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc… It must say something like "This is an ad" "This is an Affiliate link", etc…

Incentive sites – We do not allow any incentivized traffic as in get paid to surf, click or shop. Certain exceptions will be made on a case by case basis for loyalty and cash back sites.

If you do not follow these terms and conditions all commissions may be reversed and you may be removed from the program without warning. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Tips and Tricks

There are a ton of ways that you can promote the Crazy for Bargains Affiliate Program. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use as a starting point. We’re always happy to work on a custom strategy with you as well.

PPC: (The base keyword is on the left and extensions are on the right)

Pajamas – kids, mens, womens, toddlers, childrens Scooby doo – pajamas for boys, boxers, pjs for boys Dora pajamas – for girls, for kids, girls Toddler – bathrobes, robes, pajamas, footed pajamas, cartoon pjs Superman – pajamas for boys, pjs for men, pajama bottoms Disney Princess – pajamas, girls pajamas, girls pjs Animal slippers – for men, for women, for kids Bunny slippers – pink, kids, womens Novelty boxers – beer, cartoon, mens

Things to promote:

Pajama sets for the family – This is a great topic to write about, especially for vacations, holidays or family get togethers. Parent’s love buying matching pajamas for photos and events, and the AOV is higher than average depending on the set because of the multiple sets.

Cartoons & movies – One thing that is always popular are the cartoon pajamas for kids. If there is a show on tv or a movie coming out, chances are the volume for pajamas, boxers and slippers is going to grow. We carry a ton of varieties of popular pop culture sleepwear and accessories and these are always best sellers.

Go seasonal with posts – If you have a parenting blog, talk about summer camp and mention robes or even multi functional or mix and match pajama sets. For winter, you can do posts about helping your kids to stay warm and comfy and show a widget for footed pajamas and thermal pajamas or underwear. If you are writing about a party, turn it into a sleepover party and include matching themed pajamas. You could also tie bathrobes into spa days, fashion or relaxation articles. There is almost always a fit for pajamas in all posts including travel, working out or fitness, parenting and more. Let us know if you want us to make product recommendations for your site or post.


Widgets – We offer a large selection of widgets that are themed. Widgets are copy and paste product banners that feature the image, price and sometimes a short description. If you want us to create a custom one, theme or specific size, let us know and it will be done within 2 business days.

Datafeed – We offer a full datafeed which is integrated with Share a Sale for the Make a Page tool as well as being downloadable. Our datafeed is also available in Popshops and other popular tools.

Product links – Product links are individual product images (large or thumbnail) product names, price and descriptions). If you click on the product links or datafeed tab in the get links section, you’ll see a search box. If you have a product or type of product you want to promote, type the name or type of product as it appears on our site into this field and you’ll get product link copy and paste code.


How do I join? Simply click on this link and you’ll be taken to our sign up page on Share a Sale.

When will I get paid? Share a Sale will pay you once a month if you meet the minimum threshold for commissions. If you have any questions about payment, please write to shareasale (at) shareasale (dot) com. They handle your payments, 1099 forms and everything else.

How can I contact you? You can contact us by Skyping our Affiliate Manager at adam-riemer or by writing to Adam at adamr (at) adamriemer (dot) me.

How do I get a banner or a link to use? 1. Log into Share a Sale by visiting 2. Click on "Get Links". 3. Use the search box to find 4. Select "Get links". 5. Choose the banner, text link or other creative from the grid you would like to use and click "Get HTML". 6. Paste that code into your site and you’re done. Can I join if I am a current customer? Yes. The best promotion anyone can have is from a happy customer. Please feel free to join our program and we are looking forward to having you as a partner.

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