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You donít have to own a horse, riding outfit, and ride with the hounds. You donít even have to eat crumpets. (What are crumpets anyway?) When you slip into Laura Ashley pajamas or a Laura Ashley nightgown, you can imagine that you are stepping into the bucolic English countryside. These traditional Victorian prints and designs are the type of sleepwear that your favorite romantic character would wear in your favorite novel. When you wear one of these Laura Ashley pajamas, you can imagine the comfort of oak floors, stone walls, a roaring fireplace, and the verdant green of the English countryside just outside your manor window. These Laura Ashley pajamas with their classical style and design will make you imagine the feeling of English landed gentry. They will give you the warmth and comfort like a nice yew wood fire and cup of Earl Grey tea.

Laura Ashley pajamas

Laura Ashley was born in 1925 in Wales. Her roots were in the Welsh countryside. She started off in quilting, seeking out unique pieces of fabric to create patchworks. Her husband who was an engineer, designed a small fabric printing machine so that she could print her own unique fabric designs. Laura Ashley would go to the library and look at pictures of fabric patterns from the Victorian era to inspire her unique prints. She began by selling napkins, scarves, table mats, and other small fabric accessories. She would eventually make dresses in a simple yet elegant romantic classical design during the 1960s. Her company continued to grow in the decades to come. Our Laura Ashley pajamas and Laura Ashley nightgowns carry on that romantic tradition that all began in the Welsh countryside so long ago.

Our Laura Ashley nightgowns are chemises and nightshirts with classical prints. These Laura Ashley sleepwear prints might be English roses, lively periwinkle flowers, and classical damask prints. Our Laura Ashley chemises are made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex. This fabric is smooth and comfortable for sleeping and relaxing. Our Laura Ashley nightshirts are 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This material has that warm cotton feel. No dry cleaning is needed, just simply wash in cold water and gentle cycle dry. They come in simple elegant designs and classical prints.

Laura Ashley nightgowns

We also sell Laura Ashley pajamas in a variety of styles. We sell Laura Ashley pajamas in a short sleeve top and Capri style bottom. We also sell Laura Ashley pajamas with short sleeve top and boxer shorts style bottom. We also have Laura Ashley pajamas with long sleeve top and long leg bottom. You will feel comfortable and quite at home when your wear our Laura Ashley nightgowns and Laura Ashley pajamas. You will want to curl up next to a burning oak fire with your favorite book.

Laura Ashley sleepwear

For those cool nights that feel like the English countryside, you might want to purchase our Laura Ashley chemise and robe set. These are for those times when a simple chemise is not enough and you need that extra warmth. Imagine yourself lounging in a Laura Ashley chemise and robe set at in a grand English manor house. Imagine, that a servant brings you a nice hot cup of tea. You relax in front of the fire as someone plays the harpsichord in the adjoining room. Life is good.

Whenever you order $40 or more of our Laura Ashley sleepwear, shipping is free within Continental U.S. Our Laura Ashley nightgowns and Laura Ashley pajamas do sell out quickly and we are constantly restocking with new styles and prints. Make sure that you check back regularly to our website to see our new Laura Ashley sleepwear additions.

Buy our Laura Ashley sleepwear today and feel like you are recapturing those romantic times of Victorian England. Laura Ashley, the designer, lived and felt at home in the Welsh countryside. Whenever you wear our Laura Ashley sleepwear, you will feel the urge to curl up in front of a fire with your favorite novel, and relax. Maybe your house is not an English mansion, but you can bring a little bit of the English countryside home with you whenever you wear our Laura Ashley sleepwear.