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Sea turtle fans will love our turtle animal slippers. These realistic animal slippers come in men's and women's styles.

Green Sea Turtle Slippers for Kids, Women and Men
Green Sea Turtle Slippers for Kids, Women and Men


Turtle Slippers

If you love sea turtles and can’t get enough of them – or just love animals in general – then you’ll love to slip your feet into a warm, comfortable pair of sea turtle slippers. Made from a oh-so-cozy plush material, these slippers are designed to look like cuddly sea turtles that will certainly put a smile on your face. You have the choice of two different pairs: a pair of turtles with a bright-green body and soft, brown print shell; and a pair of turtles with a sea-green shell and beige body. Both pairs of slippers come with 1-inch plush soles that will not skid and are designed for indoor use.

Men, women, and children alike will all love the chance to wear attractive and humorous sea turtle slippers. The first green and brown set is designed for women and fits women with a foot size of 5-10. The second sea-green and beige set is designed for men, women, or kids and are offered in toddlers’ sizes all the way up to large. Plus, the low prices - $18.99 plus shipping for the first pair and $24.99 for the second pair – make these slippers incredibly affordable gifts for any occasion!

Don’t step out of bed without first placing your feet into the warmth and comfort of these realistic and fun sea turtle slippers. They usually ship the next business day and can be in your home, on your bedroom floor – or your feet! – in no time. Stand out with an adorable pair of turtles of your very own on your feet today.

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