Three Weekends of Running for the Pajama Family

Of course, I must exempt myself from this running business. I am have not been in shape for years as I spend too many hours in front of the computer and not enough exercising. But, I do provide a tremendous amount of moral support to the runners in our family.

On Independence Day both of the Murphy kids ran in the Downtown Mile here in Flagstaff. This race is organized by Team Run Flagstaff. Our company is happy to sponsor this organization.

How did we ever get involved with Team Run Flagstaff? My husband has been running for years and has always been interested in their activities. But, it was our son who really got us interested. Team Run Flagstaff has a kids group call Kids Run Flagstaff, which meets a few times a week. They get kids interested in running. They take kids who are beginners and kids who have a lot of experience and everything in between. When our son started he didn’t have a lot of experience with track or cross country. After just a few short months he is running six minute miles and really enjoying what he is doing.

My kids and I got up at the crack of dawn on July 4th and headed downtown for the race. Downtown Flagstaff is a beautiful place. The downtown is filled with buildings from the turn of the century and you can see the magnificent San Francisco Peaks in the distance.

The kids ran well. Our son ran a mile in 6 minutes and 11 seconds, which is one of his best times to date. Our daughter won the middle of the pack award. She joked that it could have been worse. She could have won the second to last award (if such a thing existed). The first weekend of running turned out well.

The second weekend of running took my husband to the Hearts 911 Run on Mount Elden just outside of Flagstaff. This eleven mile race benefits the Shadows Foundation’s “Heart’s Worth Saving” program. Amazingly, first responders (police, fire, and EMS) are 300% more likely to suffer from heart disease than the general population. My husband is about to retire from over 20 years of service doing just those things " law enforcement, structural and wild land fire, EMS, and search and rescue " with the National Park Service. As I am writing this, he has about a week left to work until his retirement. (Of course, he will become a full-time pajamaman after he leaves that job.)

So, on Saturday morning my hubby left the house in his flannel pajama pants (his warm up pants of choice) and headed for Mount Elden. The race is 5.5 miles up hill and then 5.5 miles down the other side of the mountain. Yikes. No wonder the rest of the Murphys stayed in bed. But, Mr. Murphy did us proud. He came in seventh overall, which is not too shabby for someone who is about to retire.

Next weekend we head to another crazy road race " the Snowbowl Hill Climb. I am sure that Mr. Murphy will wear yet another pair of funny pajama pants as warm up pants. My daughter and I are volunteering before the race at the bottom of the mountain. (We will be selling raffle tickets in support of the race.) My husband is running seven miles up the road that services our local ski resort. It is a steep, curvy, mountain road. (I am not sure that I could walk up that road. I don’t think that I could run up there even if a really scary wild animal was chasing me.) I am sure that he will run well for us. We will keep you posted as always.