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Mens pajama shorts are the perfect solution for men who feel pants are to constricting, lounge pants are too hot and that want to have something soft, comfortable and relaxing to wear to bed. That is why we offer Comfort Zone cotton pajama shorts for men with matching button up tops to help keep them in comfy pjs at night and not have to wake up overheated, uncomfortable and tired when they wake up. We carry numerous styles including plaid, striped, patterned and more. If he complains about sleeping or if you just cannot stay asleep because you over heat, our Comfort Zone pajama shorts for men may be the perfect solution for you.

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Why buy Mens pajama shorts

Tons of men hate wearing pants and lounge pants to bed because they are too hot. Others find a solution with boxers, but after wearing them all day it may not be a hygienic way to sleep. Wearing regular pants like blue jeans can feel uncomfortable and may prevent a good nights sleep. That is why guys go crazy when they try on their first pair of Mens pajama shorts. Our selection from Comfort Zone pajamas come in complete matching sets. They are all machine washable and look amazing coming out of the dryer. The material is a soft and comfortable cotton fabric that feels great on your skin and helps to keep you cool. It does not matter if it is winter and the heat is turned up, summer and the a/c isn’t working or spring and summer where the temperature is changing. These styles will look great and will help keep him sleeping at a comfortable temperature. The Comfort Zone pajama tops are also a masculine and mature design. Each Comfort Zone top is a collarless and button up design that matches the bottoms. They are made from the same soft cotton material as the bottoms and they even have a small pocket over the left part of the chest. They come with a dark colored line that accents the edges and they slowly fade into the patterns to give a designer look and feel. This not only lets him look great, but also makes the perfect outfit for him to wake up in and head to the kitchen for breakfast in the morning, to watch tv in or even go out and get the mail. He will love the comfortable feeling of the fabric and not having something that overheats him at night and you will love that he is wearing something fashionable when going outside, instead of wearing lounge pants or boxers and no shirt.

Our mens pajama shorts come in a variety of styles including stripes, plaid, and an assortment of other manly patterns. Our selection of Comfort Zone pajama shorts for men are also available in both polyester and cotton allowing you to match your fabric preference with his own individual style. Spice up your lounge wear and turn it fashionable and buy mens pajama shorts today.

Sizing Information for pajama shorts for men

• Small fits a 34 to 36 inch chest, approximately 110 to 135 pounds
• Medium fits a 38 to 40 inch chest, approximately 135 to 165 pounds
• Large fits a 42 to 44 inch chest, approximately 165 to 185 pounds
• Extra large fits a 46 to 48 inch chest, approximately 185 to 210 pounds

Here is what our customers say about our short pajamas:

"Fair pricing for good quality carefully made shorts pajamas sets delivered more quickly than I expected.", Philip, FL

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