Fun Sleepwear for the Whole Family

Novelty Pajamas for Boys

Can't decide which novelty pajamas to choose for your boy? Our customers' favorite novelty pajamas for boys include Komar Kids brand pjs, Calvin Klein brand animal print pajamas, and sets of two novelty jammies. Our boys novelty pajamas are loose fitting, 100% polyester and flame resistant.

Coat-Style Pajamas for BoysFunKidz Money Print Coat-Style Pajamas for BoysFun Kidz Benjamin Doodles Coat-Style Pajamas for BoysGreen Lantern Chosen One Pajamas for Toddler BoysRocawear Red and Black Pajamas for BoysRocawear Blue and Black Pajamas for Toddlers and BoysRocawear Gray and Black Pajamas for BoysGame Time Gray Pajamas for BoysWes and Willy Sports Print Pajamas for BoysWes and Willy Green Guitar Pajamas for BoysWes and Willy Skate Boarder Pajamas for BoysWes and Willy Dinosaur Pajamas for BoysBlue Moose Pajamas for BoysGray Sports Pajamas for BoysBulldog Pajamas for BoysDr. Seuss Horton Hears a Who Coat-Style Pajamas for BoysDr. Denton Red Plaid Drop Seat Pajamas for Toddlers and BoysDr. Denton Green Plaid Drop Seat Pajamas for Toddlers and BoysCalvin Klein Alligator Pajamas for BoysBlack Guitar Coat-Style Pajamas for BoysGreen Camo Coat-Style Pajamas for BoysBlue Sports Coat-Style Pajamas for BoysPhineas and Ferb Enemy of Evildoers Pajamas for BoysBeverly Hills Polo Club Navy Thermal Pajamas for BoysBeverly Hills Polo Club Red Thermal Pajamas for BoysMonsters University Pajamas for BoysTemple Run Pajamas for BoysWhite ABC Pajamas for Toddlers and BoysBlue Sports Pajamas for Toddlers and BoysGreen Whale Pajamas for Toddlers and BoysBlue Cars Pajamas for Toddlers and BoysGreen Dinosaur Pajamas for Toddlers and BoysBrown Puppy Pajamas for Toddlers and BoysSuper Mario Red Cotton Pajamas for BoysMonster Truck Pajamas for BoysPlanes Like a Champion Pajamas for BoysPhineas and Ferb Spy Time Pajamas for BoysAgent P Pow Coat-Style Pajamas for BoysMario Kart Shorty Pajamas for BoysCurious George Question Coat-Style Pajamas for Toddler BoysTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Red Coat Style Pajamas for Boys

How to Choose Fun Pajamas for Boys

Now you can make bedtime FUN time for young boys! Our boys pajamas turn your boy into his favorite superhero or cartoon character! Some of our most popular novelty pajamas feature superheroes such as Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. Many styles come with “muscles” and detachable capes. Or your boy can dress up as his favorite cartoon character like SpongeBob or Scooby Doo - even Garfield! We even have the stars of their favorite movies, like Transformers and Cars. Bring bedtime stories to life as your boys wear their Dr. Seuss, and Curious George pajamas while listening to you read to them from their favorite books.

We offer a wide variety of boys pajamas in comfortable, “boy tough” materials. These pajamas are durable enough for playtime and sleep time. Our novelty pajamas are flame resistant and loose fitting to move with active boys. All our pajamas come in a wide variety of styles from short or long sleeves tops and short or long pajama pants. We have also have boys footed pajamas, in sizes ranging from 12 months to 14 years for toddlers, younger boys, and big boys too. We also offer a great selection of 100% cotton snug-fitting pajamas for bigger boys. 

Getting boys ready for bed will be much easier when they can dress up in our novelty pajamas as their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters! Boys will be eager to get ready for bed by dressing up as and pretending to be their favorite superheros, cartoon or movie characters, or sports stars. And getting them to sleep after play time will be easier, too, with these boys pajamas. Imagine how great they will sleep after fighting crime as Batman, or playing “round up” with Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story, right before bed time! Turn your heroes into their favorite heroes today!

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