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Matching Lazy One Flapjacks for Infants, Children and Adults

Treat your family to fun matching 100% cotton long underwear! Choose from moose or bear prints. These union suits are made of snug fitting cotton. They have a drop seat that fastens with three buttons. They are available in childrens and adult sizes.

What is a Lazy One Flapjack?

Flapjacks are union suits or one-piece long underwear sets. They are 100% cotton and super confortable. They button up the front. The most fun part about the flapjack is that they have a “trap door” in the back for late night potty runs.

Lazy One flapjacks come in several outdoorsy prints – black bears, horses, and moose. Pick one or try one of each. It may be hard to choose as they are all so funny. The solid red union suit with the black bear print is a customer favorite. It says "Bear Bottom" across the seat. There is a bear paw print on the chest. (We love these little fun design details that Lazy One always remembers to include and we know that you will too!) There is also a red check option if plaid is your thing.

Families love these union suits during the holiday season. They are great for holiday photos. Why not get one for each member of your family and use them for your Christmas card photo this year? Not only is it a fun and casual idea, but then each member of the family will have something practical to use and wear afterward.

Many customers select Lazy One flapjacks in pink or brown featuring a fun moose print. These funny union suits have "Moose Caboose" printed across the seat. Families can combine the pink and brown colors for lots of moose-related fun.

The moose prints are a particular favorite of the owners. Why? We actually started our business in a tiny town called Moose, WY. Yes. There is really such a place. It is located in a beautiful high mountain valley called Jackson Hole. We think everyone should see Jackson Hole and the incredible Teton Range at least once in their lives. But it is brrrrrr.... cold, so don't forget to bring your Lazy One flapjacks. You will want them to wear while you are sipping your morning coffee or hot chocolate. (Trust us on this one!)

One last thing to note is that Lazy One flapjacks for kids are long underwear, not sleepwear. They are intended for wearing around the house or under clothing, but not to bed at night. Questions? Give us at call at 877-576-5256. Stay warm!