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Laura Dare Sleepwear for Girls: Nightgowns and Pajamas

Buyer’s Guide

What makes Laura Dare sleepwear special?

Laura Dare is a special brand. Their collection includes both classic styles like their holiday plaid pajamas and pink coat-style pajamas. They also carry a huge variety of fresh, sassy, original sleepwear in animal and other fun prints. Laura Dare’s products feature special details that you will love including delicate layers of ruffles and pretty trims.

Where does Laura Dare make its products?

Laura Dare sleepwear are made right here in the U.S.A. All of their children’s sleepwear is manufactured in their El Campo, Texas facility. Products made in the United States are more expensive than those made elsewhere. In the case of Laura Dare, we think the original designs and exquisite quality are worth the extra cost.

I need something special for the holidays. What would your recommend?

We have a few favorites for the holidays.

We have some holiday nightgowns left from last season. (They are a great price since they are from last season!) Your little girl will think that the sheer skirt of the nightgown is just dreamy.

We also love the traditional red plaid holiday pajamas by Laura Dare. They remind us of the classic plaid pajamas that we wore as kids.

Here is a peak at our fall 2009 Laura Dare line:

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