Creating the Ultimate Mother’s Day for Your Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If still haven’t arranged for anything for your mom this year, you should also seriously consider an upgraded shipping option no matter where you end up making your purchase. Time is getting short.

I have a few ideas that I wanted to share with you for Mother’s Day. This list is meant for those of you who are truly in the dark about what to get for that special mom in their life, but who really do want to make the day memorable for her.

So here it is…

We are a sleepwear company, so we will start with sleepwear:

Any sleepwear by Laura Ashley
Moms will love these classic patterns. If your mom is my age (an extremely youthful mid-forties type), she will remember the beautiful Laura Ashley dresses of our youths. Now similar classic, floral patterns are brought to life on nightgowns and pajamas. They are beautiful and comfortable. She will love reading books in bed on weekend mornings in these delightful pjs.

Any sleepwear by Lazy One
If your mom has a great sense of humor and whimsical, animal prints are more of her thing, Lazy One is for her. They offer a huge selection of two-piece pajama sets and nightshirts in 100% cotton knit, which is super comfy. Favorites include the Out Cold penguin print, Bear Hug polar bear print. (There are tons of prints to choose from.)

Thong-style slippers
These slippers are just perfect for this time of year. You can wear something comfortable around the house without having your feet be too hot. We have thong-style slippers from both Lazy One and Aerosole brands. What is the difference? Lazy One slippers feature fun animal prints and have moppy-style fabric on the uppers. The padding is very generous in these slippers, so they feel very cozy under your feet. Aerosole brand slippers are a bit more traditional. The fabric is more of a terry-style polyester. Available patterns include solids and animal prints. Both brands are great. They are just different. Just try to choose what your mom would like best.

Here are a few non-sleepwear ideas. They will work well either in conjunction with a pair of pajamas or on their own.

A gift certificate to her local independent bookstore.
I know. I know. Everyone has electronic way to read books these day. I have an iPad and I do really like it. It is great to be able to go online and buy a book and start reading it right then and there. But, there is nothing like a real life bookstore. I love to look at books. I love to pick them up and read the dust jackets (or the back covers). It just seems to me that books should be a tactile thing that you experience, not just something on a screen. (I could argue this point with my teenage son for hours.) Plus, there is nothing like lounging in the bathtub with a good book. I would not take my iPad in the tub. That seems like a recipe for disaster.

My husband and I spend hours every weekend browsing through our local bookstores. We love the books and we love the coffee. Here in Flagstaff we have an amazing used bookstore named Bookmans. The Murphys spend a lot of time at Bookmans. It is like a treasure hunt. You never know what new inventory they are going to get in as it varies all the time. Plus, they make the best cappuccino in town and in comes in a real (not paper) cup.

My mom happens to have a great independent bookstore not too far from where she lives. Part of her gift this year will be a gift certificate to this shop. I will not even attempt to purchase books for her. She has a lot of opinions when it comes to things like books and I am sure to blunder if I try to choose for her on my own. It is better to leave her in control.

Once your mom has some great new books she can curl up in her pjs and read them undisturbed for hours. This would be the greatest gift you could give her " peace and tranquility.

A peaceful trip to your local coffee shop
What do I mean by this? I mean that if my family were to take me to a local coffee shop for Mother’s day, I would want my children to leave their electronic devices at home. (I know that this is a lot to ask and is quite unreasonable, but Mother’s Day is my day.) I would want my children to not fight with each other and to answer questions in complete sentences. I would want my children to tell me all about the end of the school year and their upcoming comprehensive exams (their school’s versions of finals). I would want to hear about what they want to do for the summer. I would want just some uninterrupted family time.

Our family likes coffee shops. My husband and I love coffee. My daughter likes to order giant hot chocolates with heaping piles of whipped cream. My son is grumpy as we insist that he is too young for coffee and make him get something else. We recently discovered a jewel in our local area " the cafe Bohemian at Macy’s (the local coffee shop, not the big department store). It is a cafe latte with powdered chocolate and cinnamon sprinkled on top. Yum. You wouldn’t think that adding a dash of flavor to the top of a cup of coffee would make that much of a difference, but it does. I am not a fan of those super sweet syrups. This is a whole different thing.

Your mom may not be coffee fan. Maybe she likes ice cream, or smoothies, or something else. It doesn’t really matter. You don’t even need to go anywhere. You can just sit around your own kitchen table. The point is to have some uninterrupted family time. That is what moms really want. Trust me on this one.

A Clean House
What mom doesn’t want a clean house? This is like a dream come true. If your mom is older, it might be harder for her to clean than it used to be. If this is for your wife and she is either a working mom and spends her days shuttling kids from activity to activity, the idea of a clean house may seem like heaven.

There are a few ways to approach this. The first way is to call a cleaning service. This is certainly easier, but much more expensive. If your mom lives far away, it might be your only option. If mom lives close by you have more options. If you truly don’t have time to do it yourself, you can call a cleaning service. In my experience, you can always get a national chain to come out on a one-time basis, but it is going to cost you a bundle. If you can find a local company based on the recommendation of a friend that may be the way to go. I would always check references and only let a bonded company into my home.

The other option is the old fashioned do it yourself option. Do you have tweens or teenagers? Remind them that this is mom’s day and it is time for them to pitch in.

Hopefully, this will give you some ideas for your mom. Or, you could put them all together for the ultimate mom package. 1) Take mom to a bookstore and let her pick out something new to read. 2) Next, bring her to her favorite coffee/ice cream/smoothie shop where she can enjoy an hour or so of uninterrupted family time with her favorite people on the planet. 3) Take her home to the house that you have somehow managed to clean while she was out. (That make take some creative thinking to arrange the timing.) 4) Let her spend the rest of the day lounging around in peace and quiet reading her new book in the new pair of pajamas you had waiting for her at home. Trust me. This is mom heaven.