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Kids Slippers

Kids slippers are some of the most fun, colorful and loved sleepwear around. You can find everything from animal and slip on to ballet and sock or even ones that look like shoes. You can buy slippers for kids that look like their favorite cartoon characters. You can find ones that are themed like their favorite sports and even ones that look like dressy clothing but are super comfy so your kids will love them. Search through our huge selection of kids slippers and you’ll find the perfect pair. Whether they like superman slippers for kids or Disney princesses, we have the perfect slippers for kids that your little ones will love to wear around the house and before bed. Questions? Visit our Children's Slippers Information and Buyer's Guide.

Buffalo Animal Slippers for Women and KidsPenguin Slippers for Men and WomenGreen Sea Turtle Slippers for Kids, Women and MenLight Green Clog Style Slippers for GirlsBlack Clog Style Slippers for GirlsPale Pink Sweet Cherry Slippers for GirlsLight Blue Star and Cloud Thong Style Slippers for GirlsBlue Polka Dot Thong Style Slippers for GirlsPink Bratz Slippers for GirlsLavender Bratz Slippers for GirlsCow Animal Feet Mooing Slippers for KidsHorse Animal Feet Neighing Slippers for Toddlers and KidsLavender Cutie Slip On Slippers for GirlsBlue Frog Slippers for GirlsPurple Peace Sign Thong Style Slippers for GirlsTurquoise Slippers with White Trim for GirlsBeige Slippers with White Trim for GirlsLaura Ashley Turquoise Terry Clog Slippers for GirlsLazy One Purple Fuzzy Moose Slippers for GirlsLazy One Pink Fuzzy Bear Slippers for GirlsLazy One Blue Fuzzy Horse Slippers for GirlsBumblebee Slippers for GirlsPink Frog Thong Slippers for GirlsPink Bootie Slippers for Toddlers and GirlsHot Pink Floral Bootie Slippers for Toddlers and GirlsLight Green Frog Animal Slippers for GirlsMonkey Animal Bootie Slippers for GirlsFrog Animal Bootie Slippers for GirlsLadybug Animal Bootie Slippers for GirlsBumble Bee Animal Bootie Slippers for GirlsFuzzy Blue Animal Ballerina House Slippers for GirlsPink and White Animal Ballerina House Slippers for GirlsBlack and Pink Animal Ballerina House Slippers for GirlsFuzzy White Animal Ballerina House Slippers for GirlsBlack Animal Ballerina House Slippers for GirlsAssorted Mary Jane Slippers for GirlsOrangutan Animal Slippers for KidsCowboy Kickers Blue Cross Slippers for GirlsSnuggie Pink Slippers for GirlsTurquoise Dog Mary Jane Slipper Socks for GirlsPolar Bear and Snowflake Mary Jane Slipper Socks for GirlsPink Pig Animal Slippers for GirlsMonkey Animal Slippers for GirlsGreen Frog Animal Slippers for GirlsLeopard Slippers for Toddlers and GirlsHappy Frogs Green Slippers for GirlsPink Star Slippers for Toddlers and GirlsPink Monkey Thong Slippers for Toddlers and GirlsPurple Frog Thong Slippers for Toddlers and GirlsFuzzy Frog Slippers for KidsBrown Puppy Slippers for KidsButterfly Pink Slippers for Toddler GirlsLeopard Thong Style Slippers for Toddlers and GirlsCocker Spaniel Animal Slippers for Toddler GirlsSt. Bernard Animal Slippers for Toddler GirlsDalmatian Dog Animal Slippers for Toddler GirlsBaby Seal Animal Slippers for Toddler GirlsGray Leopard Trim Slippers for GirlsPanda Slippers for GirlsBrown Bear Slippers for GirlsWhite Dog Slippers for GirlsCowboy Kickers Zebra Print Slippers for Infants, Toddlers, and GirlsCowboy Kickers Wooly Cheetah Slippers for Infants GirlsPink and White Bunny Slippers for WomenFuzzy Cat Animal Slippers for GirlsBrown Monkey Slip On Slippers for WomenWhite Teddy Bear Slippers for GirlsPink Teddy Bear Slippers for GirlsSchnauzer Animal Slippers for KidsHorse Animal Slippers for Kids, Women and MenClown Fish Animal Slippers for Men, Women and Kids

How to buy slippers for kids

When you are looking to buy slippers for kids, it can get really confusing. You have to think about what they will like comfort and material wise, what characters to buy and more importantly, what size will fit them. That’s why we’re here to make it easier for you. By going through our categories below, and using our size chart, you’ll be able to buy kids slippers that they will not only love, but that will take the stress out of them tracking your floor and making a mess after a shower.

Kids Animal Slippers – Children love animals and when you combine their favorite ones with something comfortable and you have a winning pair. The trick with animal slippers for kids is to make sure that the style is the one they like. If you know they like to have more freedom and non-tight clothing, try the slip on styles. If they like being snuggly and don’t mind fabrics against them, get the ones that are plush and cover their feet.

Slip-on slippers for kids – slip-on kids slippers are great for kids who like to feel their bare feet on the ground. They slip on and off for when they jump into bed and they can feel the cool air beneath them as they walk or relax. If your children tend to not like to wear socks or have their feet covered, slip-on kids slippers are a great option.

Sock slippers for kids – kids sock slippers are great for kids who love to wear shoes and socks around your house. They are comfy and cover their entire feet and also have a pair of sock tops that help keep them secure. If your children like to wear shoes and socks around the house, you cannot go wrong with sock slippers for kids.

Full foot covered kids slippers – kids slippers that cover their entire foot are the style like the stuffed animals and novelty shoe shaped. They can help to keep your children’s feet warm while also providing a cushioned bottom to help protect their feet from a cold floor. These are some of the more popular styles because they can look like stuffed animals, have some of the coolest novelty slippers for kids including cartoons and are fairly easy to slip on and off. They are also extremely fun to wear. Thong slippers for kids – they’ll love the thong styles kids slippers. Just like flip flops that they would wear at the beach, thong slippers for kids are extremely comfy. You can find everything from fuzzy slippers for kids to bright colors, kids animal slippers and almost any other print or pattern that you can think of. If you don’t know what else to buy them, you may want to try a pair of thong slippers for kids.

Whether they want kids animal slippers or a pair that look like shoes, we carry a huge selection of slippers for kids and almost always have at least one or two pairs on sale. Check out our giant selection and come back often since we always add new kids slippers to our inventory. Use the chart above to find the perfect size and then pick the style that is right for your little ones and then watch as their eyes light up when they get their new pair of slippers for kids.

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