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Boy's Robes Buyers Guide

We carry a wide selection of bath robes for boys. You can choose from a variety of solids, novelty and cartoon prints including Superman and Batman.

Common Questions About Boy's Robes

Do You Sell 100% Cotton Robes for Boys?

No. All of our boy's robes comply with the Consumer Product Safety Commission's flammability standards for children's sleepwear. Loose fitting children's sleepwear -- including bath robes -- must be made of flame resistant fabric. Untreated cotton is not flame resistant. All of our children's bath robes are made of flame resistant polyester.

What is the Difference Between Plush and Fleece Bath Robes?

Both our plush and fleece bath robes are made of polyester. Our plush robes are made of a fabric called coral fleece. It is very soft. The fabric fibers are long and soft. Our fleece bath robes are made of soft, warm polyester fleece. The fabric is soft and smooth.

More Information About Our $13.99 Boy's Robes

Our $13.99 boys robes are hooded fleece robes. They are available in a variety of colors and prints. These come from the manufacturer in a wide assortment of prints. Unfortunately, we are unable to get large quantities of any individual print.

More Information About Our Bath Robe/Pajama Sets

We carry a number of bath robe/pajama sets in a number of styles and prints. These robe sets sell for $24.99. The set includes a fleece bath robe and coordinating pair of polyester pajamas. Prints include holiday and novelty prints.

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