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Blanket Sleepers

What is a blanket sleeper?

A blanket sleeper is a one piece footed pajama for infants, toddlers or children. Blanket sleepers have feet and zip up the front. They are generally made of warm fabrics such as fleece. In the U.S. children’s sleepwear must meet federal flammability requirements set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Therefore, most blanket sleepers are made of flame resistant polyester.

Blanket sleepers are also referred to as footed pajamas and footie pajamas.

Do you have cotton blanket sleepers?

As mentioned above, children’s sleepwear (in sizes 12 months to 14) must meet federal flammability standards. Therefore, most blanket sleepers are made of flame resistant polyester.

We do occasionally carry 100% footed sleepers for infants in sizes 3-9 months.

What are the advantages of blanket sleepers?

We are moms too. Little kids love to kick off their blankets and covers. If you put your child in a blanket sleeper, you don’t need to worry about them getting cold in the middle of the night. Since blanket sleepers are one piece, you don’t need to worry about bottoms falling off or tops riding up. In short, blanket sleepers make bedtime easier with small children.

What should I expect when I purchase a blanket sleeper?

Your blanket sleeper will be made of a polyester fabric. The soles of the feet are made of a non-skid material. They zip up the front. These are meant to be worn in cold weather or the fall/winter months.

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