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Girls Robes -- Comfy, Fleece Bathrobes

When you are young everything is new, wonderful, and exciting. That is why there are certain things that you vividly remember decades later from that time when you were young. Yes, I still remember my favorite pink bathrobe when I was a kid. At, our girls robes really are fresh, wonderful, and exciting. When a young lady slips on our girls bathrobes, the texture, color, and warmth of the robe will dazzle those gray matter receptors forming a wonderful long lasting memory.
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Choosing the Girls Robes

When you research the word origin of "robe" the dictionary says it is from Middle English and Old French from the word meaning "to rob". The meaning of the word ďrobeĒ during those ancient times also meant "plunder" or "spoils". Donít worry. If you buy your youngster one of our girls robes, she will not be going out and "robbing" the local convenience store. Instead, when you buy one of our girls bathrobes, she may feel a little bit like a pirate princess. She may imagine that she just opened a treasure chest, took out some plundered girls robes, and is now wearing her share of the treasure.

When a pirate princess opens the big heavy lid of a treasure chest, she is overwhelmed by the multitude of different colors, shapes, and designs of the treasure that is aglow inside. When you first look at the variety of girls bathrobes that we offer, you too may feel a little overwhelmed by the different colors, textures, and designs that we offer. But best of all the prices are so reasonable that you feel like they are a steal (like at sword point!). If you buy enough of our girls robes (say enough to fill up a treasure chest) then shipping is free for all orders $40 or more.

Pretty Girls Bathrobes

Letís say for argumentís sake, that maybe that young lady that you are buying a robe for is not a secret swashbuckler. Maybe rather than sailing on galleon, your youngster is more comfortable living in a castle. Donít worry. Donít stress! We sell girls robes for all types of girls. We sell girls bathrobes in regal colors for secret classic princess types. We also sell girls bathrobes in rambunctious designs for those secret swashbuckler types.

Girls robes can be worn just about any time of day or night. Who ever heard of a rise and shine princess or swashbuckler? When your youngster finally does decide to rise out of bed at a late hour, the first thing she will be grabbing and putting on is a cozy bathrobe. Nothing keeps in the body warmth better than a girls robe, when slipping out from under warm bed covers. The next big decision your young lady will make is, "Should I eat a bowl of cereal or should I turn on the television?" Your young one is smart, and will decide, "How about if I eat my cereal in front of the television, so I can do two things at once?" She will be eating her cereal in front of the television in one of our new girls bathrobes. Yes, it is true, that you told her not to eat in the living room. But right now she is wearing one of our new girls robes that makes her feel like a princess who can do as she likes. Or, letís say it is late evening, and your young lady is wearing a different one of our girls robes. What better thing is there to do late at night than eat some cookies or ice cream? Yes, it is true, that you told her not to eat food in bed at night. But right now she is wearing one of our girls bathrobes that makes her feel like a pirate princess. A pirate princess, who needs to secretly raid the kitchen and steal some desert, then carry back to her lair (aka her bedroom).

Whether your girl is a classic type of princess or a secret swashbuckler type, you can find the right type of girls bathrobe to fit her personality. You can also find on our website a variety of girls robes on sale. Buy one or more of our girls bathrobes todayÖbut, beware that your cookies or ice cream may get plundered!

(Dear Parents,

We hope that you realize that the above was written in jest. does not condone children who do not listen to their parents, eat outside of the kitchen, or engage in any generally bratty behavior.

Thank you.

Additional Information About Girls Robes

All of our girl's bathrobe are made of flame resistant, 100% polyester fabric for safety. Our selection of girls robes changes frequently, so check back often for new arrivals.

We do stock the solid pink and red plush by Cozytime year 'round. If you do not see the size that you need in those two styles, please contact us and we can order it for you. Cozytime brand girls robes are made in the USA. Cozytime also makes solid red and navy plush robes for boys.